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ATDC connecting communities through food, farms and education. ATDC Believe that our kids should introduce and learn Nature so that  they love it and then they love it they will protect Nature and if they get awareness..

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    Nature can never disappear

    Importance of field visit for education. Children can enjoy an outdoor learning environment filled with new secrets and discoveries and get positive farm agri-field tours will be very educational and having lots of fun. It is important to know where there food comes from and what is in it, it is just possible when they will be able to visit and see.
    We provide to be a wounderful resources for kids to get good knowledge of new secrets of horticultural farming.

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     Cultivating a better food system

    Cultivating a better food system means rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. We're dedicated to building community through sustainable farming and farm-based education, and our mind is to inspire individuals and families to connect with gardeners, the environment and each other. By linking our natural and social ecosystems, we seek to improve the health of our neighborhoods, our bodies and the earth, all while making tasty, locally grown food accessible to all.


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    We aimed to design and operates community Farm Hubs

    We believe local foos is the best kind-- where those who eat it feel connection to the soil it's grown in and the people who cultivate it. In imagining a better food system, we aimed to design and operates community Farms Hubs as resources for local produce and for education as well as inspiration-- about food and gardening.
    Our farmers grow vegetables, herbs and fruit for our own Farm Market, community supported agriculture members and to sell at area farmers;s markets.

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    Our Education Programs engage kids, both our farms and in area schools.

    Our Education Programs engage kids, both our farms and in area schools.through programs like kitchen gardening training, The Food Projects and gardening Summer Camps.
    To cross generations , we offer workshops for adults and families on the "lost of our agriculture and cultural past that still are relevent and useful in our lives today.


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    We manage a diverse range of projects throughout the PAK

     We lnow that it will many ideas and solutions to create a better food system. With that in mind , we manage a diverse range of projects throughout the Pakistan.
    We seek to make local food accessible by offering multiple ways of experiencing fresh, local food in our communities, Through our First Generation farmer Program we are training the next generation of farmers to possess the necessary skills for cultivating a better food system.
    Out education trip program arrange in all season to promote local foods and gardening.              We hope you'll join us!