We produce fresh , nutritious, additive-free food for our family.

Vegetables is major nourishment of our food but commercial growing of vegetables cause much uses chemical fertilizer and pesticides make the quality poor and other side its price is rapidly increase.

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    Low Cost Poison Free Vegetables

    We realize this worst situation and have the vision to introduce home growing vegetables, we want a platform to enhance productivity domestic growing at household level and low cost poison free vegetables.

    We Need education aboutchen gardening planning , installation and edible garden maintenance to growing what we love toeat, we must go for own growing may be its whole new kitchen garden, raised bed growing or just single pot start, must start for best lifestyle.

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     Kitchen Gardening is cheaper than therapy

    Kitchen gardening is cheaper than therapy and we get vegetable also.
    Once we've planted our Garden, then the real fun begins. we're on our way to better food, better health and more control... we're not just a consumer, we're a producer of fresh, nutritious, additive free food for our family.


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    Its need of time to get knowledge edible cultivation

    A garden is alive, Like a child, it needs love and care to thrive.
    Need Help? Its need of time to get knowledge edible cultivation like
    * Planning and designing our kitchen garden from small container  to large plots.
    * To built reised beds with enriched soil for optimal growing.
    * Picking seeds and choice the plants suited for our climate and family.
    * Planting , tilling, weeding, mulching, watering and harvesting.
    * Recipes and tips for vegetarians.

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    * Tips for preserving our produce for enjoy all year.
    * Where we can buy low price all vegetable growing accessories like seeds, seedlings, growing bags, organic fertilizers and compost, tools , seedling tray, containers and pots for rooftop vegetable growing.