Agri-Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan (ATDC) Connecting people through Food, Farms & Education. First time in Pakistan history National Mushroom Festival Pakistan established a Mushroom Hunting Club, wich have arranged a one day wild mushroom hunting tour around muree hills areas. In which we trained people

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    Mushroom Hunting Tour

    * How to hunt the wild mushrooms.

    * How to identify edible and non edible mushrooms

    * Characteristics and medicinal values of wild mushrooms.

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     Great Opportunity for Mushroom Lovers!

    ATDC Pakistan promote healthy lifestyle habits in Peoples of Pakistan, it was great opportunity for mushroom lovers, who want to get knowledge about hidden treasury of mushrooms.

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    Join Us for Future Mushroom Hunting Tours

    If you want to join us for future mushroom hunting tours.
     Wild Mushroom Hunting Tour Sunday, April 5 at 9:00am

    Registration is open NOW!
    For Membership and more details contact

    Akhlaq Khan Kakar     0092 306-672 84 84
    Agri-Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan (ATDC)